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PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 6:27 pm 
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had a great time in hatteras riding the new SB 2's from cabrinha.

the winds were perfect for trying a light wind 16m and then stronger for the 12m.

started out riding the 16m with an Underground 148x46 FX. More on the board later. it's actually a mistake board, that rocks. then rode it with the 128 FLX and 132 FLX.

back to the kite. as always, the cab comes with some great features. pump it up with the one pump, but you don't have to go rock hard to get max performance. make it solid and ride.

my expectations for the SB 2 were quite modest. good jumping and good upwind.

underpowered (8-12)... the kite goes upwind really well. the light bar pressure though might confuse some riders to how much pull it has. especially in lighter winds. once you get used to it, you'll realize the 16m actually has really decent pull. like any kite though, underpowered jumps were so so. nothing special.

powered(10-19)...this kite rocks. jumps are much bigger than i expected once you get used to the timing. it's different than the CB 2's and other bows. you better be solid with bringing the kite back after launch.

upwind...ok...i would reason to bet, very few if any other kites will go upwind as well. i was riding in the slicks of hatteras a ton. sometimes in very small spaces having to turn around to get in the slot of the slick. it was way too easy to get upwind. once i would turn around and go over my previous wake...i'd pass over it and get upwind way faster than other kites. it really does sit further forward in the wind window as advertised. it's wier...i did so many reach the slick, that it took half the tacks compared to other kites in the past and with very little effort.

unhooking...seems to work well, but after beating the piss out of my ankle, went back to hooked riding. made one lame F-16...i'd actually call it an F-101, but what the hell. also, made one nice unhooked front roll, but crashed too hard shortly after. back to hooked riding again.

overpowered (18-23)...eyeyeyeyeyeye...
jumps? big. much better than expected for a 16m.
upwind? huh? whatever. point and shoot.
unhooked? yea right. see above.

due to the control bar, better riders will be able to use the SB 2 in more winds by edging more. lesser riders will get overpowered faster than the same size CB 2 or Omega in the 2-1 mode. the CB 2 and Omega should have more inherent depower.

that being said though, I rode the 16m in everything from light winds to strong...really strong winds where a 12m would have been better, but didn't want to come in and change. hatteras winds tend to build and build as the day gets into evening.

12m SB 2?

pretty much the same as above, but the turning speed of the kite was much faster. the SB 2's are designed to have slower turning speeds and they do.

the only time it was noticable is when really underpowered, but most kites turn slower when underpowered.

very very nice kites. stoked to have that much time on them.
had some of my biggest jumps ever on the 12m's. also had some spectacular crashes. yep, yep.

all in all, I think the 16m can easily be the largest kite when combined with the correct boards. for lighter winds...a flatter rockered board will get you up and riding quickly. go to a normal sized board for medium to strong winds.

for larger riders...16m, 12m and 8m will cover all the range. or 16m, 10m with the right boards.

medium sized riders...14m, 10m and 6m will cover the range.

small...12m and 8m.

more on boards to follow in another thread. the underground FLX 148x46 is one unique board. see next thread.


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