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Huge list of demo/used and some closeout gear for sale.
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Author:  Bob [ Fri Apr 24, 2015 9:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Huge list of demo/used and some closeout gear for sale.

Hi.....we're having a fantastic spring and I/we have the best selection of new and used gear ever.

But....we/I still have a lot of demo kites, boards and gear for sale as well as some closeout and used gear.

Below is a large list of gear that must go soon. 3 different lists below.

1) Hot deals: A cornucopia of products listed here.
*Slingshot wake board/kiteboard boots: Size 11. Used maybe 3 times max. Retail is over $400. $99.00
*Slingshot school bus kiteboard. Big boy that's great for learning or light winds. Used. Retail is over $500. Complete for $99.00.... SOLD
*Slingshot celeritas used 5'8" kite surfboard. $199.00.... SOLD
*Underground Steeze wake style board. 137 cm board and fins only. New. $199.00.
*Cabrinha Stylus 145 cm kiteboard. Used. $249.00 complete.... SOLD
*Blade Deuce Kiteboard. Used. 137 cm. $199.00 complete.
*Slingshot snow gloves: New - Various sizes. $30 each.
*Slingshot large duffle bags. Awesome gear bags and I've used them also for airline travel. New. $55.00
*Imagine Surf SUP leashes. New. $20 each
*Pumps. You repair/lubricate. They all just need some lovin' to get them back to normal. I have a large box and no time to fix these. $10 each.
*Mystic Matrix Steamer wet suit. Size 102 (Large Tall). 4/3. New. $159.00
*Neil Pryde 3K neoprene style dry suit with metal back zipper. Size 52 (Large). New. $189.00
*Epic Screamer 14m kite. 2nd gen. Kite only. New, with replaced new bladders. $499.00 kite only.
*Soloshot Robotic Camera system. Gen 1. Includes Tripod, Base unit and arm unit. You provide the camera. $299.00

2) Kites:

*Slingshot 2011 6m RPM. Used. Kite only. $499.00
*Slingshot 2011 8m RPM. Used. Kite only. $549.00.... SOLD
*Slingshot 2013 Z 6m. Used. Complete. $599.00
*Slingshot 2013 Z 9m. Used. Complete. $649.00
*Slingshot 2013 Z 11m. Used. Complete. $679.00.... SOLD
*Slingshot 2014 12m RPM demo. Used once. Complete. $1299.00..... SOLD
*Slingshot 2014 14m RPM demo. Used 2 times. Complete. $1249.00.... SOLD
*Slingshot bars and lines. Various sizes and models between $289.00 and $389.00

*See below for a list of other Slingshot and other kites that will be for sale in the future. Reserve your kites if you don't need them now.

*Cabrinha 2015 Drifter 9m demo. Never used. Kite only. $899.00.... SOLD
*Cabrinha 2015 Drifter 11m demo. Never used. Kite only. $979.00
*Cabrinha 2015 Drifter 13m demo. Used 2 times. Kite only. $999.00

*Blade 2014 Mist 11m demo. Used 4-5 times. Kite only. $699.00
*Blade 2015 Skinny Boy 12m demo. Used 2 times. Kite only. $735.00
*Blade 2014 Trigger 14m demo. Used 2 times. Kite only. $799.00

DEMO kites for sale mid summer or earlier. Call for pricing.

*Slingshot 2014 Rally 6m. Might be pre-sold.
*Slingshot 2015 Rally 8m, 10m (SOLD), 12m and 14 (on hold). These may already be pre-sold.
*Slingshot 2012 Rally 6m, 8m and 10m. I'm still holding these, but who knows.
*Slingshot 2015 RPM 14m, 11m and 9m. Will start selling these sooner than later.
*Slingshot 2015 Turbine 15m (SOLD) and 17m.
*Cabrinha 2015 9m (SOLD) and 12m SB.
*Cabrinha 2016 9m and 12m FX.
*Cabrinha 2015 7m, 9m, 12m Radar.
*Cabrinha 2015 17m Contra.
*Blade 2015 17m Fat lady.
*Blade 2015 9m Skinny Boy.
*Blade 2015 12m Trigger.
*Liquid Force 2015 9m, 12m, 15.5m Solo.
*Liquid Force 2015 9m, 12m Envy.

3) Boards:

*Slingshot Space Pickle 5'0". demo. $299.00
*Slingshot Ankle Biter 5'0". new. $399.00
*Slingshot T-Rex 5'6". demo. $499.00.... SOLD
*Axis Ultra 148 cm light wind twin tip board. demo. (All Carbon - super light). $649.00 complete.... SOLD
*Axis Vanguard 135 cm twin tip. demo. $389.00.... SOLD
*Axis Vanguard 148 cm twin tip. demo. $439.00.... SOLD
*Axis Pure Wave 5'10". demo. $499.00
*Axis Pure Wave 5'10". new. $599.00
*Axis Pure Wave 5'7". new. $599.00
*Axis Pro Wave 5'10". new. $629.00
*Axis Traction Pro straps and pads. New. $130.00
*Litewave 6'1" DV*. demo. $599.00
*Litewave 6'1" DV*. new. $699.00

Thanks as always for looking and contact me for any of the above gear.

Author:  CJeff [ Tue Apr 28, 2015 4:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Huge list of demo/used and some closeout gear for sale.

Hi Bob,

I'll take a couple of your "some lovin' needed" pumps please.

p.s. welcome back from both trips.

Author:  Bob [ Wed Apr 29, 2015 10:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Huge list of demo/used and some closeout gear for sale.


Let me know when you want to drop by.


Author:  Bob [ Thu Jun 11, 2015 5:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Huge list of demo/used and some closeout gear for sale.

Bump....updated with sold items.


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