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40% off - 2013 NP Surf Edge wet suits - ready for spring?
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Author:  Bob [ Sat Mar 22, 2014 10:58 am ]
Post subject:  40% off - 2013 NP Surf Edge wet suits - ready for spring?

I negotiated a great deal on most of the remaining inventory from NP Surf Wet suits and able to pass along incredible savings.

The EDGE suit is the top of the line suit and NP Surf is no longer making the 6/5 version for 2014 and beyond in this version. For our climates, a 6/5 is almost mandatory for riding in cold waters. The comfort of modern suits make them extremely comfortable and yet incredibly warm. I was out yesterday (March 21st, 2014) for the first session of 2104 on the water and the lake was still 99% ice covered. The suit was very warm and even though the water was 34 degrees and air 45 degrees.

Besides the 6/5, I also have the 5/4 and 4/3 in stock, but some sizes are already sold out.

NP Surf wet suits for immediate delivery and FREE SHIPPING (Lower 48 - USA). Please see my new web site store for more details. ... ry&path=60


NP Surf Mens:

1) NP Surf EDGE 6/5/4 Hooded Wet Suit E3: $469.00 retail....on sale for $281.00.

Designed for cold waters and this years suit has a much better hood and increased durability on the seams. It replaces the NPX Zealot which has been my favorite suit for many years. This is the top of the line suit and it only makes sense to have the warmest, best suit possible when it's cold. Don't skimp at this level. This suit is best for cold waters and I'm stoked to finally have these suits in stock. I've been waiting for a half year to get these bad boys.

S, M, L, and XXL in stock. XL sold out. ... duct_id=61


2) NP Surf EDGE 5/4/3 Wet Suit E3: $429.00 Retail....on sale for $257.00

Designed for cold to cool temps and replaces the NPX Assassin suit. I've been riding the new Mission suit since last fall and it's super comfortable, well built and warm.

S, M, L and XL in stock. ... duct_id=62


3) NP Surf EDGE 4/3 Wet Suit E3: $409.00 Retail....on sale for $245.00.

Designed for cool waters and temps and replaces the NPX Assassin suit.

S, M, L and XL in stock. ... duct_id=68


4) NP Surf Rise 3/2 Wet Suit: $218.00 Retail....on sale for $189.00 ... duct_id=99

This is a great value suit for those who just need something to help keep a little warmer when it's chili outside.

XL in stock only.


5) NP Surf Rise 2/2 Shorty: $119.00 Retail....on sale for $89.00. ... uct_id=100

It's a shorty. Nuff said.

XL in stock only.



6) NP Surf Eclipse 6mm boots. $73.95 Retail.

I've been using similar boots for 3 years and they show very little wear and tear at all. In a 6mm thickness this boot will keep you warm in the coldest of waters.
Contact me for sizes. ... duct_id=94


7) NP Surf Nexus 3mm Split Toe Boots. $55.95 Retail.

Why split toe? A split toe boot will stay in place better. When you have a thinner walled boot, it can move around on you which can be very annoying. The split toe helps keep the foot from moving inside the boot. Even on tight fitting boots, you'll notice the difference.
Contact me for sizes. ... duct_id=95


8) Mystic Cure Gloves. $58.95 Retail. ... uct_id=102


Thanks as always for looking and stay tuned for more great deals.


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